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Is your internet package expired? Stay online with "İnternetKredit"!


General information

To get 300MB of Internet balance on credit, you need to go to the website after using up the existing Internet package on your balance.

  • The validity period of internet credit is 7 days;
  • The cost of the service is 2 AZN;
  • Users who are subscribed to mothly 500MB, 1GB, 5GB, 10GB or Unlimited Internet packs can activate the "İnternetKredit" service only on;
  • To get the credit, send kredit to 9350 or dial *350#YES (the cost of an SMS message is 0.05 AZN);
  • The credit amount and the service fees are deducted from the balance of the number after the next top-up or from the amount received through "Paycell";
  • The loan amount is debited immediately if there are enough funds on the balance;
  • If there are not enough funds on the balance, 0.25 AZN is debited consistently;
  • To find out the debt on the loan, just send info to 9350.