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General information

The "Standart" tariff package is provided only within the framework of telephone credit campaigns issued together with Internet packages.


  • Standart 3
  • On-net calls (1 min.) 0.06
  • Calls outside networks (1 min.) 0.06
  • Bonus 50 minutes of on-net talk
  • SMS (in-tariff) 0.03
  • SMS (out of tariff) 0.06

VAT is included in the prices indicated.

  • The calculation interval within the tariff is 60 seconds. This interval also applies to the 50 granted on-net bonus minutes.
  • Using the Internet without a package within the "Standart" tariff is calculated at the price of AZN 0.05 per MB.
  • Internet calculating interval is 51 kb


  • When subscribers of the "Standart" tariff package switch to another tariff, the bonus minutes not used during the billing period are reset to zero.
  • Minutes provided in the "Standart" tariff with a monthly subscription fee of 3 AZN cannot be used for the "Zəngin yönləndirilməsi" service. The cost of this service is deducted from the main balance. Minutes provided within the tariff are intended only for direct calls.
  • When a subscriber connects to the "Standart" tariff package, 50 bonus minutes within the network are credited to the balance within 24 hours.
  • Subscribers connected to the "Standart" tariff package cannot use the "Əzizlərim" campaign.
  • After the end of the promotion, the subscriber can switch to another package as usual.

Additional information

From 01.08.2023, all postpaid subscribers in the personal customer segment are suspended using the internet service in the absence of any internet package in the number.

To continue the use of the internet, you need to obtain an internet package or visit to choose 1 MB - 0.05 AZN.