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Subscriptions to the tariff is suspended.


Kombo 8

  • Monthly Subscription Fee 8
  • On-net minutes 200 min.
  • Internet 500 MB
  • On-net SMS Unlimited

Kombo 16

  • Monthly Subscription Fee 16
  • On-net minutes 400 min.
  • Internet 1500 MB
  • On-net SMS Unlimited

Out-of-tariff prices

  • Local calls (1 min.) 0.05
  • Internet (1MB) 0.10
  • 1 SMS 0.05

Add-on Internet packs

  • 50 MB 1
  • 500 MB 3
  • 1 GB 5
  • 5 GB 10
  • 10 GB 15
  • Unlimited (50GB) 30

Add-on Call packs

  • 50 minutes 2
  • 100 minutes 3

Join now

SMS K8 to 7575 or dial *750*4*8#YES on your phone for the Kombo8 tariff plan.

SMS K16 to 7575 or dial *750*4*16#YES on your phone for the Kombo16 tariff plan.

Each SMS to 7575 costs 0.01 AZN.

All call, SMS and data bonuses are valid for 30 days. They expire at the end of that period and cannot be rolled over to the following month.

To order Internet pack send the relevant keyword ("50 MB", "500 MB" "1 GB", "5 GB", "10 GB" and "50 GB" for unlimited pack) to 7576.

To order Call pack send the relevant keyword ("50 deq", "100 deq") to 7576.

Additional Information

All Kombo subscribers are given a generous limit of 2,000 free on-net SMSs every 30 days. This limit has been placed to prevent fraud.
Add-on packs are one-time, non-recurrent packs and the bonus minutes are valid for 30 days. They cannot be used to call short numbers. The charging interval for calls is 1 minute. The allocated call minutes are valid for on-net usage.
Azercell allows you to continue accessing the internet after you have used up your bonus Kombo data. Data use will be charged at 0.10 AZN per 1 MB.
‘Price without packs’ rates are activated when the subscriber has used up all the bonuses from their Kombo pack in less than 30 days, but has not purchased an add-on pack and does not have adequate balance for resubscription.
It is not possible to combine benefits from Əzizlərim service with my Kombo tariff.
When switching to the Kombo tariff, all subscriptions to mobile internet packs are automatically deactivated . The remaining internet data is added to the internet data balance of the Combo package.
Subscribers must activate a new Kombo tariff plan before the old one expires. Failure to do so will result in payment for both packs being deducted from the subscriber’s balance.
Yes, Kombo subscriptions can be stopped by switching to another Azercell tariff plan.