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Hər yerə

Flat rate for local calls

Hər yerə


Monthly Subscription

  • Monthly Fee 3


  • Bonus on-net minutes 30 min.
  • Local calls 0.10


  • 1 SMS 0.05


  • 1 MB 0.40

Join now

SMS HərYerə to 650 for subscription to Hər yerə tariff.

Every SMS to 650 costs 0.02 AZN.

You can also join via the Kabinetim mobile app. Dial *110# to get a direct download link to Kabinetim. 

Check your balance

Send a blank (empty) SMS to 650 to receive tariff plan details.

* Charging interval for calls within the country – 60 seconds, for Internet – 51 KB.

Additional information

Hər Yerə tariff plans are currently only available to postpaid subscribers.

The period of transition from other tariffs to the tariff “Bizimkilər” is determined depending on the transferred tariff.

No, you will only be charged at the end of the billing period.

*Starting from 22.10.2016 postpaid subscribers using Hər Yerə tariff will be paying a 3 AZN monthly subscription fee. The payment will be deducted from the next billing period. In exchange the subscriber gets 50 minutes for on-net calls. Unused minutes cannot be forwarded to the next billing period and must be used within the allocated billcycle.

Hər Yerə free on-net minutes cannot be used for redirected calls service. The cost of redirected calls is deducted from your main balance. 

The mentioned prices of the tariff do not include calls to special coded (dialed with *) and short numbers.

All bonus minutes expire at the end of the billing cycle and cannot be rolled over to the next month.

All SMSs are charged at 0.05 AZN each.

*As of 12.02.2019 in numbers referring to postpaid line system the charge for each SMS within the existing tariff packages “Bizimkilər”, “Hər yerə”, “Biznes200”, “Aile Tarif”, “Dövlətcell”, “SOCAR” and “Mediacell” will constitute 0.05 AZN. Meanwhile, the charge for every additional SMS sent beyond “Hedsiz” and “Hedsiz Zeng” tariff packages will constitute 0.05 AZN.

You can get more information from this link.

All prices VAT inclusive