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From 01.07.2015, prepaid subscribers will not be eligible for the Hər Yerə tariff.

*As of 12.02.2019 the charge for each SMS within the following tariff packages “Azercellim”, “Bizimkilər”, “Hər yerə”, “GəncSim”, “Bölgə” and “Tələbə birliyi” in numbers referring to Prepaid (SimSim) line system will constitute 0.05 AZN. Meanwhile, the charge for every additional SMS sent beyond “GencOL” and “Kombo” tariff packages will constitute 0.05 AZN.



  • Local calls on-net (1 min.) 0.10
  • 1 SMS 0.05
  • 1 MB 0.40

* Charging interval: for calls – 60 seconds, for Internet – 51 KB.