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General information

Subscribe to a special “10 GB=12AZN” or “30GB=20 AZN” data tariff packs and get a DATA number for FREE!

As of 12.03.2020, the “Special 10 GB=12AZN” and “Special 30GB=20 AZN” will no longer be available to new Data Sim subscribers. Customers already subscribed to these data tariff plans will continue to enjoy the same data and bonuses as before. They will also be able to subscribe to other packs and then return to these 2 packs.


To join, simply visit any Azercell Ekspres, Azercell Customer Service office or official dealer with your personal ID.

Additional Information

The tariff plan is valid for 30 days. All data bonuses expire at the end of the month and cannot be rolled over to the following month.
When the bonus data has been used up, you will be forwarded to where you can purchase a new data pack. If you do not purchase a pack, internet access will charged at 0.05 AZN per 1 MB
No, Azercell automatically activates the data pack for your convenience.

To unsubscribe, send stop month to 2525. Each SMS to 2525 costs 0.01 AZN.

You will forfeit any data remaining on the tariff plan when you are unsubscribed from it.