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If you make many on-net calls and SMS, join to Biznes200 tariff with a reasonable monthly subscription fee.


  • Monthly subscription fee 10
  • Local on-net calls (1 min.) 0.07
  • Local off-net calls (1 min.) 0.12
  • 1 SMS 0.05
  • 1 MB 0.40

Join now

SMS Biznes200 to 650. Each SMS costs 0.02 AZN.

* Charging interval: for calls – 60 seconds, for Internet – 51 KB

Additional Information

Yes! Azercell gives all Biznes 200 subscribers 200 free minutes for calls and 200 free SMSs. Please note, the free calls may not be used to call short numbers.
You may only activate a new phone tariff plan at the end of the current billing cycle. Once you are subscribed, all the benefits of the Biznes 200 tariff plan are activated for the following month.

All SMSs are charged at 0.05 AZN each.

*As of 12.02.2019 in numbers referring to postpaid line system the charge for each SMS within the existing tariff packages “Bizimkilər”, “Hər yerə”, “Biznes200”, “Aile Tarif”, “Dövlətcell”, “SOCAR” and “Mediacell” will constitute 0.05 AZN. Meanwhile, the charge for every additional SMS sent beyond “Hedsiz” and “Hedsiz Zeng” tariff packages will constitute 0.05 AZN.