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Data-only packs for freedom to surf the internet


General Information

This is a data-only tariff plan for mobile internet users. The tariff does not support voice calls. 


  • 500 MB 3
  • 1 GB 5
  • 5 GB 10
  • 10 GB 15
  • 30 GB 25
  • 50 GB 30

* Period of usage is 30 days

Additional information

For prepaid subscribers without a data tariff, the cost of 1 MB of data is 0.04 AZN. For postpaid subscribers without a data tariff, the cost of 1 MB of data is 0.40 AZN.
An activation fee of 1 AZN applies to all data packs. Apart from that, the most affordable pack costs 3 AZN.
Every subscriber who activates a monthly data pack will receive a one-time discount of 3 AZN. The cost of the data pack will be charged in full for subsequent months.

For more information about monthly internet packs, click here.

Starting from April 1, 2021, the system of monthly subscription fee of 1 AZN (including VAT) for each invoice period will be applied for the numbers of the invoice line system connected to the “Data” tariff. When using telecommunications services during the invoice period in the amount of 1 AZN (including VAT) or more, the monthly subscription fee is not charged. In order to avoid additional costs, subscribers can disable this service by contacting Customer Support or Exclusive offices to block the number line with the "Data" tariff on a two-way basis.

Note: subscribers can get detailed information about the new rules, the "Data" service and Internet packages, including the services, tariffs and ongoing campaigns provided by Azercell Telecom LLC on our official website (, as well as by contacting Customer Support (Customer Service or Exclusive offices, a Call Center that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

All prices VAT inclusive