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SuperSən, choose your tariff!


Tariff packs

SuperSən 3GB


300 min.

Countrywide calls


To subscribe send "SS3" to 650

SuperSən 6GB


400 min.

Countrywide calls


To subscribe send "SS6" to 650

SuperSən 10GB


500 min.

Countrywide calls


To subscribe send "SS10" to 650

SuperSən 20GB


600 min.

Countrywide calls


To subscribe send "SS20" to 650

SuperSən 30GB


700 min.

Countrywide calls


To subscribe send "SS30" to 650

New, more affordable tariff packages are now available for the best internet and calling usage. With "Supersən" tariff packs, you will no longer need to switch between different numbers or renew your internet package within a month.

Additional information

Any postpaid line subscribers with the status of a physical person may subscribe to “SuperSən” tariff package.

50% discount is applied when subscribing to the “SuperSən” tariff package first time.

Regardless of the time of subscribing the number to the “SuperSən” tariff package, bonuses are provided after 00:00 a.m and the relevant SMS-notification is sent. If there is less than 5 days left until the billing day upon sending the request about subscription to the "Free" tariff package, the opportunity to subscribe to the package and the bonuses within the package are all provided after the next billing day at 00:00 a.m. If there is more than 5 days left until the billing day, the opportunity to subscribe to the package and the bonuses within the package are all provided on the day of subscription at 00:00 a.m.

It is possible to activate the "SuperSən" tariff by sending the relevant keywords to the short number 650:

  • SS3 for "SuperSən 3GB";
  • SS6 for "SuperSən 6GB";
  • SS10 for "SuperSən 10GB";
  • SS20 for "SuperSən 20GB";
  • SS30 for "SuperSən 30GB".

The cost of 1 SMS sent to 650 is 0.02 AZN.

Any "SuperSən" tariff package can be activated by dialing the appropriate USSD code or via the "Azercell" app:

  • *750*4*103#YES for "SuperSən 3GB";
  • *750*4*106#YES for "SuperSən 6GB";
  • *750*4*110#YES for "SuperSən 10GB";
  • *750*4*120#YES for "SuperSən 20GB";
  • *750*4*130#YES for "SuperSən 30GB".

When joining the "SuperSən" tariff package, the subscription fee is deducted from the balance, and bonuses are added to the balance.

The validity period of the “SuperSən " tariff is 1 billing period. The traffic for unused minutes, Internet and media applications are not transferred to the next month.

For more information about tariff bonuses, it is required to send an empty SMS to 650 short number. 

Within the framework of the "SuperSən" tariff, up to 1GB of traffic is provided for texting in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications. When the traffic allocated for messaging ends, the user will be able take advantage of other internet resources available on his balance. If there are no other traffic resources on the balance, it will not be possible to text for free.

If the bonuses provided under the "SuperSən" tariff have been exhausted, but the package has not yet expired, the service price will be as follows:

  • 1 call (countrywide) is 0.06 AZN per minute.
  • 1MB = 0.05 AZN
  • 1 SMS = 0.05 AZN

Priority for use will be given to Internet packages in all cases, with the exception of 55GB.

The call calculation interval is 60 seconds.

When switching from the “SuperSən " tariff to the "SuperSən" or another tariff, or when the monthly subscription fee of the tariff is renewed, the traffic for minutes, internet and applications on the balance is canceled.

In-tariff bonus minutes cannot be used for roaming, international calls, special coded (dialed with *) and short numbers. Also, if a call is made to the subscriber's phone within the framework of the "Pay for my call" service, the relevant funds will be deducted from the balance, not from the minutes provided within the tariff.

For each request sent to 7575, 0.02 AZN is deducted from the balance.

The price of 1 SMS is 0.05 AZN.

To get detailed information about the "SuperSən" tariff, you need to send "SS" to the short number 7575 or 650.

Priority is first given to traffic intended for texting, and then to the basic package of the tariff. After the resources of the basic package are exhausted and there is no active internet pack, the subscriber is redirected to a special page with links.

The term of use of the tariff (including the use of bonuses) is calculated according to the relevant billing period (for users of the 1st billing period: from the 5th of each month to the 5th of the next month; for users of the 2nd billing period from the 25th of each month until the 25th of the following month).

At the end of the invoicing period (the last hours of the day), the implementation of the necessary technical works to start the next billing process is started. On the billing day (4th of every month or 24th of every month, depending on the invoicing period), after the invoicing process starts (from approximately 11:00 p.m.), the usage of the services is reflected in the next invoice. During the invoicing process, the minutes and internet traffic provided by paying the monthly subscription fee are included in the next invoice.

Due to the tariff change, if the minutes and internet traffic provided as a bonus to the number from the next billing period are not available, the service fee for the services performed until 23:59:59 during the billing process is deducted from the bonuses provided within the previous (current) tariff. After the invoicing process is over, it is calculated according to the new tariff package activated in the number.

You can get more information from this link.

All prices VAT inclusive