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30-day gift ZəngimCell

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General information

As part of the campaign, Zəngimcell service is activated free of charge for 30 days for the subscribers who bought a new number, as well as, duplicated the number (an individual who received a new number). As soon as the service is activated, the subscriber will receive an SMS notification. The activation message also contains the information on the service deactivation.


  • There are no commissions or fees for the Service;
  • The subscribers will be able to download an unlimited number of Zengimcell tracks FOR FREE before the expiration of the period;
  • “ZengimCell” tracks can't be given as a gift or exchanged for money;
  • To deactivate the Service, just send the keyword "STOP" to the short number "6070". There is no service charge for the message sent;
  • The service is not automatically renewed;
  • If the subscriber wants to continue using the service, it is required to dial *606#YES and select the button 1;
  • Each day, 3 days before the end of the FREE period, a notification is sent to the subscriber with the end date of the FREE period and instructions on how to continue using the service;
  • “ZengimCell” codes can be obtained on the website, by calling 6055 or +994 12 565 31 31, as well as writinf to the WhatsApp number +994 51 404 31 31.