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Daily regional pack

A special offer for regional audience


General Information

Exclusively for regional Azercell subscribers, the Daily Regional Pack gives you the freedom to call other Azercell subscribers all day long and stay connected online, too!


For connecting send START to short number 2552 ( free request) or dial on your device screen *252*1#YES

The daily usage fee for the campaign is 0.59 AZN

Additional Information

The Daily Regional Pack is exclusively for Bolge tariff subscribers. 

If you are not a Bolge subscriber, your tariff plan (except for Kombo and GencOL tariff plans) is immediately changed to the Bolge tariff when you subscribe by SMS or USSD code. This tariff change is provided free of cost.

The daily usage fee of 0.59 AZN is deducted automatically upon activation.

The Daily Regional Pack is activated shortly after the SMS or USSD code is received by Azercell. Upon first activation, it will be valid until the end of the next day (00:00). On subsequent  recharges, it will be valid until the end of each day (23:59).

Subscribers may only activate this pack once per day. The account must contain a minimum balance of 0.59 AZN to complete this operation.
The daily usage fee for this pack is 0.59 AZN.
The Daily Regional Pack comes with 50 MB of internet data.
If this happens, you will be automatically forwarded to to purchase a new pack.
The pack comes with 500 on-net minutes of calls per day. This bonus does not apply to calls made in the Baku and Absheron areas.
The charging interval for calls is 1 minute.
The bonus minutes can only be used for on-net calls. They may not be used to call short numbers.

Out-of-pack services are charged according to the “Bölgə” tariff.

To deactivate or unsubscribe, SMS STOP to 2552 or dial *252*0#Yes on your phone. Deactivation 2552 costs 0.50 AZN.

All bonus minutes are immediately forfeited if a subscriber cancels the pack, changes tariff plans or ports the number.

The 50MB data pack provided within the package is intended for countrywide use only.

In addition to the regions, the data pack provided within the package can be used in Baku and Absheron.