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Beautiful numbers ᅠᅠ

Buy a beautiful number and get a complimentary tariff plan!



Beautiful numbers with a special tariffs offer from 39 AZN!

Now you can purchase your favorite beautiful numbers with a special tariff offer.

Thus, when buying beautiful numbers, you will automatically get the opportunity of a 6-12-month subscription to GencOL or Serbest tariffs.


Find the perfect easy-to-remember beautiful number at You will receive a special tariff plan offer depending on the type of beautiful number you choose.

Additional Information

The tariff plan depends entirely on the beautiful number you select:

GencOL 6 - 6 times free connection for 6 months

GencOL 6 - 12 times free connection for 12 months

Serbest 10 - 6 times free connection for 6 months

Serbest 15 - 6 times free connection for 6 months

If the tariff plan changes, all remaining bonuses of the previous tariff will be cancelled. However, you will have the option to reconnect to the updated tariff plan at no cost if there are remaining free connections in your balance.

At the end of the campaign, standard tariff rates will apply for all calls and data.