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General information

Azercell launches a special campaign for users of the TikTok social network from 23.02.2021.

As part of the campaign, 1GB of internet will be provided for only 2 AZN exclusively for the use of the TikTok app, for all users of the consumer segment. On the eve of Novruz holiday, our campaign will support our youth to keep the holiday mood high and share the joy of the holiday with everyone.


  • The package is designed for postpaid and prepaid subscribers, not legal entities.
  • The package can be activated only if one of the monthly updated internet packages is active on the number. (500MB, 1GB, 5GB, 10GB, 30GB, 50GB).
  • The balance of the package can be checked by sending a blank SMS to a short number 2525
    (1 SMS=0.01 AZN) or via the mobile application "Kabinetim".
  • The package is updated every 30 days if balance has enough funds and active monthly package.
  • When a subscriber cancels a monthly updated internet package, the “TikTok” package is automatically canceled.
  • The subscriber needs to send the keyword "StopT" to 2525 to cancel the “TikTok” package.
  • To cancel the monthly update package and the “TikTok” package at the same time, you need to send the keyword "Stop AY" to the number 2525 or dial *100#0#YES on the screen. Please note that in this case, the remaining internet balance will be canceled.
  • If there are other internet resources, when the “TikTok” package runs out of traffic, the application fee will be deducted from the balance of these resources.
  • There is a possibility to upgrade your package “TikTok” early period of use. To do this, you need to fully use the traffic of the current “TikTok” package.
  • The “TikTok” package is used after unlimited packages, but before daily and monthly packages.
  • All prices are inclusive of VAT.