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5 Years Together

We appreciate this!


General Information

Enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Double your credit limit
  • Extended payment period from 14 days to 21 days
  • Complimentary Gizlətcell subscription, change of SIM card and itemized bill (via email)

Note, this promotion is only available to customers who have previously paid 60 or more invoices.


Additional Information

The credit limit increase is applied automatically for all eligible subscribers. If your credit limit has been increased, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the change.
To switch from Gizlicell to Gizlətcell, please apply at any Azercell Customer Service office.
As of 07.09.2016, the 20% discount on international calls promotion has been discontinued. As part of the ‘5 years together’ program, you will be charged for international calls at the rates in your current phone tariff plan.
If you are now subscribed to ‘5 years with us’, you are eligible for ‘My Company, My Tariff’ service. If you are already using ‘My Company, My Tariff’, then you are not eligible for ‘5 years with us’. If you deactivate ‘My Company, My Tariff’, you will be eligible for ‘5 years with us’ in 5 years’ time.