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About "akart"

About "akart"

General service agreement


Azercell digital card

Through the "akart" app, “akart” digital card allows users to make cashless payments, make various types of payments and perform other transactions securely.

The digital card is designed for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers (SimSim), in cooperation with

"PASHA Bank", "Visa" and "AzInTelecom". PASHA Bank also acts as a digital card issuer.

Incentive actions and promotions are continuously conducted for specific customer groups based on their purposes of use of 'akart' services. Users who are eligible to participate in these campaigns receive information about the conditions and other relevant details through the application. Promotions are exclusive to users who have received invitations through the application. Other 'akart' users, who haven't participated in previous events, may have the opportunity to join upcoming incentive events.

More about “akart”

"akart" terms of use can be checked here: