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Beautiful numbers with Serbest

Complete your status with a beautiful number!



Users who subscribe to a postpaid "Sərbəst" tariff plan will receive a beautiful number of their choice.

The first selected "Serbest" tariff is provided with 50% discount


Find the perfect easy-to-remember number at and claim it at any Azercell Customer Service office or official dealership.

Additional Information

This offer can only be claimed with a new subscription to a postpaid number under the Serbest 15, Serbest 25, Serbest 50 or Serbest 75 tariff plans.

Yes, you may change your tariff plan but only to another of the eligible Serbest plans under this promotion - Serbest 15, Serbest 25, Serbest 50 or Serbest 75.
You must maintain an eligible Serbest tariff for at least 12 months.

Apart from the costs of the calculated services, a user is liable to pay a penalty of 50 AZN if the number is:

  • transferred to another individual
  • cancelled by the subscriber
  • switched to an ineligible postpaid tariff plan
  • switched to a prepaid plan 
  • Switched to a corporate customer segment
  • switched to a non-Serbest tariff plan