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Internet packages in roaming


For 1 day


Validity period: 3 day


Validity period: 14 days


Validity period: 30 days


Validity period: 30 days


Unlimited WhatsApp texting included to all roaming internet packs!

More information about the internet packs

Planning a trip?

Download the roaming tips in PDF format to have all necessary information while offline.


How to use Azercell roaming?

Get information about the country you are planning to visit

Enter the name of the country in the search field to get information about operators and prices.

Activate roaming

Make sure that roaming is turned ON in both - number and device settings.

Activate internet packs

Buy internet packs to stay online abroad.

Useful tips

  1. Make sure that there are no outstanding charges on the account. To check the number balance send an empty SMS to 650, or balance to 2525.
  2. Contact the contact person from your company to activate roaming.
  3. Turn on roaming in your device settings.
  • Read the SMS from Azercell.
  • Select the operator manually, depending on tariff or roaming data pack suitability. The list of operators can be found by entering the country name in the search field.
  • Ensure that roaming is activated on both - SIM card and device.

Things to remember

  • Turn off the automatic download of photos and videos on the phone and prefer the mobile version of the sites.

  • Turn off the phone in the border regions in case the roaming service is open.
  • As the funds used during roaming are reflected in the delay, the case of exceeding the limit may be observed in Postpaid numbers.

  • Not recommended to update the operating system and mobile applications while roaming.

If internet doesn’t work

  • 3G network should be activated and the word "INTERNET" added to APN settings.

  • LTE numbers should switch from 4G to 3G if it is not possible to select the network of the corresponding operator.

How to top up balance while abroad?

Subscribers can top up while roaming by the following Azercell services:

Top up with scratch card:

  • Dial *131* [13-digit code] #YES

How to dial in roaming?

Dialing format for mobile phones + [country code] [operator code] [number]

Dialing format for stationary phones + [country code] [city code] [number]

Need help? Chat with us!

If you have any questions while roaming, you can contact us via online chat.

Additional Information

To activate roaming, it is required to send the keyword START to 8808

The cost of each SMS to 8808 is 0.01 AZN.

Corporate number owners and subscribers with “Individual entrepreneur” status can activate the roaming line by filling up “Opening/closing of roaming/the international line on subscriber's request” form or by contacting

The application should be submitted in written form with providing an identity card.

To get information about tariffs, enter the name of the country you are going to travel in the search section at the top of the page.


  • Check whether Azercell has a roaming partnership with a telecom operator in the destination country before you travel.
  • If you are a postpaid subscriber, ensure that there are no outstanding charges on your account. To check, call or send an empty (blank) SMS to 650. Each SMS to 650 costs 0.02 AZN.
  • Certain overseas telecom operators do not support 4G/LTE. If you have issues connecting with a network overseas, disable 4G on your device and opt for 3G instead.

Corporate subscribers can get information about the number balance by sending the keyword BALANS to 2525 or dialing *100#YES.

Each SMS to 2525 costs 0.01 AZN (VAT included).

To make a call while roaming, use the international dialing format:

[+] [country code] [city code / mobile operator code] [number].

Azercell postpaid subscribers can contact Customer Care Center at (+99450) 605 00 00 while roaming. The first 45 minutes of the call is free. The further call time is calculated at the rate of 0.70 AZN / 1 minute, including VAT, with a calculation interval of 1 second.

If the internet does not work in roaming, the following operations should be considered:

  • Prepaid subscribers should check the availability of 1 AZN in number balance;
  • Roaming status should be checked in menu section of the device;
  • 3G network should be activated and the word "INTERNET" (uppercase) added to APN settings.