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Select the ideal business internet pack for your corporate needs

Non-recurrent packs

You may also purchase any of our non-recurrent internet packages.

500 MB

Validity period 30 days

To subscribe, SMS +500MB to 2525

1 GB

Validity period 30 days

To subscribe, SMS +1GB to 2525

5 GB

Validity period 30 days

To subscribe, SMS +5GB to 2525

"Autorenewal" service

By activating this service, you will be able to renew your data pack not every 30 days, and also automatically, when the package volume is exhausted. In order to activate the service it is required to send avto to 2525.

Monthly internet packs

Users of monthly internet packs will be able to order larger packages at any time (for example, 500MB, then 1GB, 5GB, 10GB and 50GB). Remaining unused monthly packages will be available for use, priority will be given to the package with the lowest volume. Only the last activated pack will be renewed and the remaining packs will be canceled (if there is any unused Internet volume left, it will also be canceled) 30 days from the date of their activation (on the date of renewal).

The last ordered internet pack will be automatically updated for numbers with auto-renewal status. For other packages, both automatic and regular renewals will be discontinued.

Subscribers can purchase a package smaller than the current package if they use at least 95% of the current package's traffic.

The subscriber must use at least 95% of the active Internet pack in order to purchase the same package that he uses. Otherwise, there would be no possibility to order the internet pack again. The remainder data of the old pack will be deleted and the package will be deactivated, while the newly ordered package will be activated.