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Roaming data packages

Pack list

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100MB + unlim
Validity period:1 day

Dial *100*101#YES on your phone

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400MB + unlim
Validity period:3 day

Dial *100*401#YES on your phone

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1GB + unlim
Validity period: 14 days

Dial *100*1001#YES on your phone

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3GB + unlim
Validity period: 30 days

Dial *100*1001#YES on your phone

Additional Information

The service should be activated in Azerbaijan.

Postpaid subscribers can SMS START to 8808. Each SMS from a postpaid subscriber to 8808 costs 0.01 AZN.

Prepaid subscribers can dial *135*1#YES on their phone.

You can also activate the Roaming via mobile application Kabinetim (for Android or İOS )

You may only activate one Roaming pack on each number. You may activate another pack once the data from the current pack has been used up and/or the validity period has ended.
If the line is closed for incoming and outgoing calls, the usage of pack will be suspended.
The charging interval for data is 1 kB.
The data Roaming service is suspended immediately when the İnternet data allowance has been used up. If you have an active tarif plan, standard internet tariff rates will apply from that point onwards.