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My Business Internet Leased Line

High speed, low cost, 24/7 support. The digital future is here and Azercell is surging ahead.

My Business Internet Leased Line

Everything works. Just faster. And smoother.

“My Business Internet Leased Line” service is ideal if your company depends on a reliable internet connection for business-critical services, whether that is simply hosting their own website, using connection for online sales, VoIP (Voice over IP) services, cloud-based applications or large file transfers.


Choice of tariff plan

Choose a tariff plan that matches your specific business needs


Filling in contact details

Press “Try now” to provide your contact details.


Documentation process

Easy and fast documentation in no time.


Approval phase

Let our technical staff to easily install and activate required services

Benefits for you

Fast Installation

Azercell will have your line up and running within 3 business days of your call

Reliable connection

High-speed, uninterrupted data secured by a dedicated 24/7 monitoring team

Unlimited traffic

Free your business from data caps that limit your growth and reach

Dedicated bandwidth

Unleash your full potential without data bottlenecks, no matter how demanding the task

Choose the best plan for your company

We offer optimal and flexible conditions for the development of your business. We offer quality assurance and technology safety

5 Mb/s
10 Mb/s
15 Mb/s
20 Mb/s
30 Mb/s
50 Mb/s
100 Mb/s
  • Wireless connection
  • 99.50% guaranteed uptime
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Reliable data connection for your business

Azercell’s “My Business Internet Leased Line” service is designed to keep modern businesses ahead in a digital-intensive, data-powered world.

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Need technical support?

We’re here to help!

Not sure about a ready-made solution or require a customised one? Our professional customer care consultants have all the answers.


  • All permissions required for installation in building shall be obtained by subscriber.
  • All internal hardware required for internet on premises (router and etc.) shall be provided by subscriber.
  • Subscriber will get “My Business Internet Leased Line” service only for use. All equipment provided by Azercell is not property of subscriber.
  • Service includes 1 (one) public static IPs for each connected point. and it is provided upon subscriber’s request.
  • All technical support is provided by Azeronline.
  • One-time installation fee for each connected point is 500 AZN.
  • One-time installation and monthly service fees will be provided to subscriber via invoice of number.
  • All prices are VAT excluded.