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How do I get SimKredit?

How do I get SimKredit?

If you need to make an urgent call or send SMS but your balance is too low, you can use SimKredit.

*Debt for 2 AZN (Simtaksit) credit is partially withheld in the amount of 0.08 AZN within 30 days starting from the request date. If the credit is not closed within 30 days, the remaining debt will be fully deducted starting from the 31st day. If there is not enough balance, the remaining debt will be withheld after balance top up.

SimKredit request messages cost 0.05 AZN.

Azercell subscribers can get credit via SimKredit service via Kabinetim as well. By dialing *110#, you may obtain the link for downloading "Kabinetim" app.