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Pay for my call

The call will be paid by the receiver, not the caller


General information

With this service, the cost of the call is paid by the subscriber receiving a call after his/her consent to pay for the call.

To pay for a call by another subscriber, dial *140* operator code and number #YES.

The subscriber who called receives a notification through the interactive voice response (IVR) service that the incoming call will be paid for by them:

  • If the subscriber who called agrees to accept the request, they press the number "1" and activate the connection.
  • If the subscriber who called does not agree to accept the request, they press the number "2" to cancel.

The service can be used within the network, the maximum number of requests per day is 3.

Note: in connection with the “Pay for my call” service, a single tariff payment of 0.06 AZN is charged for each minute of calls within the network. The billing interval for calls is 60 seconds.