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Unlimited weekend

Pack details


  • Package cost for Prepaid and Postpaid 1.99
All weekend

Unlimited internet

Recommended tariff


Enjoy the youth!

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6 GB


600 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G9" to 7575

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3 GB


300 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G6" to 7575

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1 GB


100 min.

In - tariff


To subscribe send "G2" to 7575

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Additional Information

You can activate "Unlimited weekend" internet pack in 3 ways:

  • SMS weekend to 2525;
  • Dial *100*67#YES on your phone;
  • Through "Azercell" app

Dial *110# to get a direct download link to the "Azercell" app (available on Android and iOS).

SMS sent to 2525 for prepaid subscribers is free of charge.

For postpaid subscribers the service fee is 0.01 AZN.

If the pack is purchased between Monday and Friday, it is available from 00:00h on Saturday to 23:59:59 on Sunday. If the pack is purchased on Saturday or Sunday, it is available from the time it is activated to 23:59:59 on Sunday.
It is only possible to use a single internet pack at a time.
Users will enjoy a maximum download speed of up to 512 kbps (kilobits per second)

To end your subscription, SMS stop weekend to 2525.

The usage of the internet without pack is charged according to the current tariff.

SMSs sent from a prepaid (SimSim) subscriber to 2525 are free.

Each SMS from a postpaid subscriber to 2525 costs 0.01 AZN.

If numbers connected to a hotspot order a internet package from appropriate sources, the service fee will be deducted from the balance of the number sharing the internet. The internet pack will be active on the main number.

Internet Settings (9595)

For an automatic activation:

  • To receive the automatic configuration settings simply send an empty SMS message to 9595 (the tariff for sending SMS to 9595 is 0.01 AZN).
  • You will first receive an informational message, and then, within the next 20 minutes you will receive Internet settings. Received settings should be saved in the phone memory.
  • Switch off and restart your phone to install the new settings and restore internet access. 

You can also install the updated settings manually. The steps to follow depend on the device that you are using.

Android Phones:

Go to Settings 

> Other settings (Other networks, More) 

> Mobile networks 

> Access Point Names 

> New APN 

> Name: Type “Azercell Internet”, APN: Type “Internet”

Press ‘Save’ and exit.

Android Tablets:

Go to Settings

> More settings

> Mobile networks

> Access point names

> Create New APN

Name: Azercell internet

APN: internet

APN type: default, hipri/default supl/default

Azercell Internet and Mobile networks must be activated after the configurations are stored in the device memory.

iOS Devices:

Go to Settings

> Mobile network

> Mobile data network

> Apn: Type “Internet” 

Switch off and restart the device.

Xiaomi Devices:

Go to Settings

> Sim card and Mobile networks

> Sim card settings

> Azercell

> Access point names

> In the new APN, type “Azercell” in the Name field and “Internet” in the APN field

Check which slot the Azercell SIM is in. Go to Sim Manager> Data Service Network and select the SIM card where the number is located.