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Azercell applications in IBA Mobile

Adding fun to control your bank account!


Azercell apps in IBA Mobile

Adding fun to control your bank account!

Now you can connect to Azercell's mobile services via one touch in the IBA Mobile application of the International Bank of Azerbaijan.

The procedure for connecting to the services is very simple. In IBA Mobile, which is distinguished by its ease of use and functionality, after selecting the "Other" section, you can subscribe to your favorite app in the "Azercell applications" section by going to the "Partners" section.

For more information on apps, please check the following pages:





  • Azercell digital services (BluTV, Bookmate, NNTV and ivi) can be activated starting from 26.01.2021 via the IBA Mobile mobile application of the International Bank of Azerbaijan;
  • IBA Mobile customers must register with a mobile number in the application;
  • Only Azercell subscribers can connect to Azercell digital services from IBA Mobile;
  • If a subscriber is not registered with IBA Mobile with an Azercell number, he/she can get digital service by adding an IBA Mobile Azercell number;
  • Subscribers can only activate Azercell digital services on IBA Mobile. Deactivation is possible via SMS \ USSD \ Kabnetim app;
  • Azercell services which are available in IBA Mobile:
  • ivi - daily / monthly packages;
  • BluTV - daily / weekly / monthly packages;
  • Bookmate - daily / weekly / monthly packages;
  • NNTV - daily / monthly packages (only 200+);
  • Subscription service fee is deducted from the balance of the mobile number;
  • Azercell digital services activated on IBA Mobile are «renewal»;
  • Customers activating Azercell applications on IBA mobile will be notified by SMS
  • To activate Azercell digital services, subscribers must go to Other-Partners-Azercell applications section on IBA Mobile.