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New company campaign - GM

New company campaign - GM


Exclusive offer for corporate subscribers - the "New Company" campaign - free smartphone and special tariff!

New corporate subscribers who will join to the campaign will get the 4G supported General Mobile smartphone for FREE, provided the "Optimist danışıq" package is used for 12 months.

For more information about the campaign or how to join the campaign, call the short number 6050 (1 call - 0.10 AZN).

Tail usage

All prices VAT inclusive

  • The campaign is only for new Postpaid subscribers. Individuals who connected to the company's tariff package cannot join the campaign.
  • Only new companies can take the advantage of the campaign.
  • The new company must have a minimum of 7 active numbers. At least in 1 number out of 7 the package must be activated.
  • The maximum number of possible activation (package + smartphone) is 9.
  • A smartphone will be given only to subscribers with an active package.
  • Corporate numbers that are connected to call packages should be used continuously for 12 months.
  • The package within the campaign is activated for 12 months on the basis of a written request of the subscriber and after this period, the subscription to the package continues in accordance with the terms of the Subscriber Contract.
  • In the case of unilateral or bilateral suspending of the number (with the exception of unilateral suspending of the number due to exceeding the limit on the subscriber's side) based on the conditions specified in the Subscriber Contract, including suspension of the number based on the subscriber's request, as a result of operations such as transfer from one name to another, transfer to the network of another operator, and in case of rejecting the package before the due date, a one-time fine in the amount of 300 AZN will be imposed.