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Campaign details

  • Under the terms of this campaign, subscribers will pay 20 AZN (VAT included) for 20 GB Internet during each billing period and must use this for at least 10 months. In return, the Azercell MiFi device will be available for free.
  • MiFi devices are ordered from Akhundov company as in the previous campaigns.
  • 20% discount is applied for Corporate subscribers starting from the 2nd invoice. 50% out of the 100% value of the 1st invoice, i.e 10 AZN is charged (20% discount does not apply to the first invoice) and 20%, i.e. 16 AZN (VAT included) from the 2nd invoice.
  • 20% discount is applied when issuing the invoice.
  • If a subscriber uses the line for less than 9 months and the line is suspended due to unpaid debts, the cost of the MiFi device will be 90 AZN (VAT excluded).
  • Upon usage of 20 GB Internet traffic, 0,003 AZN (VAT included) will be charged for each MB. When used in the territory of Nakhchivan, 50% discount is applied to each additional MB used (0.0015 AZN)
  • To check the balance, subscribers should send an empty SMS to “2525”.
  • Corporate subscribers and the numnbers with the flat corporate status should apply to Customer Care offices or Azercell Express offices to stop the package.
  • It is not possible to order any other Mobile Internet Package during the credit term.

All prices VAT inclusive