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Essential tools to manage your fleet

My Business Fleet pack

General information

Due to the telematic approach, My business Fleet management offers additional functions other than tracking your vehicles on a map. By combining basic telematics with complementary tools, the system provide smart solutions for problems between the vehicle and driver. The traffic management feature optimize the routes and driving habits, thus potentially saves up to 15%.

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Our offer

One time payment pack

  • Subscription Fee 2G 65
  • Subscription Fee 4G 129
  • Monthly payment 11

Installment payment pack

  • Subscription Fee 2G/4G 0
  • Monthly payment 2G 22
  • Monthly payment 4G 32.5
*The monthly payment will be 11 AZN after 6 month.


  1. Precise position of a vehicle
  2. Increasing and limiting the speed
  3. Fuel consumption efficiency
  4. Excessive driving warnings
  5. Periodic services, site visits notifications
  6. Locator (temporary tracking),
  7. Sending reports via email
  8. Notifications

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Additional information

Data traffic: 300 MB

PYG Traffic data: 0.05 AZN

Roaming traffic: 10 MB

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Internet traffic fee is AZN 0.05. For more information on roaming tariffs, follow the link.