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My Business Wi-Fi

General Information

Azercell Business launches new offerings “My Business Wi-Fi” with more affordable communication support for corporate subscribers to benefit from Mi-Fi and WTTx modems. Flexible offerings with wide range of data packs designed to fit diverse demands by users and possibility to switch the packs makes it perfect solution for Small, Medium and Individual enterprises.

With “My Business Wi-Fi” offerings you get easy access to the internet anywhere and you can share it among your customers or employees with no need for physical infrastructure. It is that easy with only our mobile network and one of these devices.

Mi-Fi is portable modem with connectivity option to share Wi-Fi internet with up to 10 devices, while WTTx modem is able to share internet with up to 32 devices.

The advantage of the new offerings is that subscriber gets the device for free without any pre – payment and with selecting relevant internet package.



The possibility of receiving the device without pre-payment and for free with instant payment of the selected Internet package


The possibility of providing convenient Internet access to up to 32 devices

Pack changing possibiity

The possibility of changing the selected internet pack to another one within the next 12 months


A portable USB modem capable of sharing the internet between 10 devices via Wi-Fi. This device can operate autonomously without plugging in any device or port.

50 GB
100 GB
200 GB
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A portable USB modem capable of sharing the internet between 32 devices via Wi-Fi. This device can operate autonomously without plugging in any device or port. The device is very easy to install (Plug and play), no additional technical equipment is required. This device is an ideal solution for areas where network coverage is weak, including areas where there are no network cables.

100 GB
200 GB
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Keep your business connected better with “My Business Wi-Fi” offers!

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Additional Information

Within the framework of the campaign one prepaid line number on Data tariff is provided together with every device. The offering is only applicable to numbers provided together with device.

If the volume of provided Internet package finishes prior to the expiry date, subscriber’s Internet access will be stopped until next renewal period.

Yes, subscribers may purchase non-recurrent packs to access the internet through any My Business Wi-Fi device. 

If an additional data pack was purchased with the Mi-Fi device, the pack that was ordered last will be activated.

Ordering Monthly recurring internet packages and short time packages are prohibited.

For technical assistance for any My Business Wi-Fi device, please contact:

Akhundoff Networks

  • Tel: +994512 598 14 26; +99450 704 24 24
  • Address: AZ1000, Bul-Bul Avenue, 8a

From March 31, 2022, the provision of Wi-Fi USB (4G USB modem) devices to corporate subscribers will be suspended as part of the "My Business Wi-Fi" offers.