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Ethics and Compliance

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

Azercell Telecom LLC (Azercell) is committed to conducting its business operations in compliance with the law and supporting all commonly accepted business ethical standards in all fields of business activity, including the standards on human rights, labor relations, safe environment, fair competition, and anti-corruption. 

The Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CCBE) of Azercell reflects the main principles and guidance on how to act in the workplace and during all work-related activities. Our CCBE is for everyone working for and with the Company: employees, Board of Directors, business partners, including those of our subsidiaries and joint ventures, where the Company has the majority interest.

Our goal is to become a desirable place to work. We strive to attract experienced and enthusiastic people into a professional work environment, then develop and support them in their respective careers.  We do not accept child labor or forced labor in any form.

Azercell is a reliable partner for suppliers and contractors. We want to maintain this trust and aim at building long-term business relations that will satisfy our mutual interests. 

Azercell strives to be the first choice for our current and potential customers.  Our primary goal is to provide secure, high-quality digital services at a reasonable price, and deliver them without employing unfair or deceptive practices. 

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

"Speak-up" – Azercell’s Whistleblower system

Azercell encourages employees and all other stakeholders who have concerns about suspected misconduct, or breach of law or ethical standards that may adversely impact the company, to step up and report them through the Speak-up channel. By speaking up, you give us the opportunity to address the issue and continue to be a reliable employer, business partner and successful service provider to our customers.

Azercell truly values your assistance in identifying existing or potential problems that need to be addressed. 

All information provided through Speak-up is treated with strict confidentiality and is thoroughly investigated by officers who are bound by confidentiality. 

We do not tolerate any form of threats or retaliation against any whistleblower. 

Contact for Speak-up:


Mobile: + 994 50 2310696

3rd Party Compliance

Azercell operates its business with trust, integrity and responsibility in compliance with all respective laws. We expect all our suppliers and contractors to support commonly accepted standards on human rights, work conditions, environmental sustainability and anti-corruption. We further expect our business partners to conduct their business activities in accordance with the principles of the Azercell 3rd Parties Code of Conduct. We consider this factor a major criterion in building and continuing our business relationships. Azercell might conduct close monitoring and regular audits of contractors to ensure that they comply with all relevant standards.   

Azercell Third Party Code of Conduct


Azercell is committed to conducting business with integrity and with zero tolerance for corruption.  We reduce the risk of corruption and bribery through:

  • Risk assessments
  • Policies and guidelines
  • Training and communications 

Azercell employees and its stakeholders are prohibited from offering, presenting, authorizing, demanding, or receiving any bribes, either directly or indirectly, or through any third party.  

Azercell employees are obligated to avoid any potential or actual conflict of interest in which they or other employees are involved, and to inform the company if this does or may occur.