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Economic responsibility

Own operations

As a leader in mobile telecommunications, Azercell tirelessly invests in the development of its operational infrastructure. Since our establishment, we have invested over 1 billion 621 million USD  to create one of the most advanced communication networks in the region. 

State-of-the-art processes and software help us provide essential products and services for individuals and organizations across the country. With over 1 billion 845 million  AZN paid in taxes, Azercell is the leading non-oil contributor to the economy. We are proud of this achievement; it inspires us to continue on our upward trajectory towards new milestones every day.  

Social impact

It is impossible to imagine modern social life without mobile communications, especially mobile internet. Azercell provides over 50% of the population with easy access to information, entertainment and education. In many rural areas, mobile phones are the only reliable communication tool. During natural disasters, wartime and other emergencies, many lives have been saved by the modern technologies made accessible by Azercell. 

We are acutely aware that an entire generation has grown up heavily influenced by digitization and social media, and work diligently to protect them through a variety of initiatives. 


As a leading organization in a developing country, Azercell is at the very forefront of innovation across a range of criteria. We instill a creative mindset through dedicated teams, structures and processes. We were among the first in the country to implement special software to collect, screen and realize innovative ideas from across the organization.

This focus on innovation has made Azercell a learning center through which other local companies set their standards of customer service, project management and IT application. We are also proud to have introduced digital GSM technology, Blackberry mobile email, mobile payments, 4G connectivity and numerous other novelties to the population.

Human capital

Azercell is a model of responsible employment in Azerbaijan. Over 12,000 individuals work with Azercell, either directly or in related industries. 
Our values have been translated to employee relations and care. Azercell’s selection process is guided by the principles of non-discrimination, including equal employment, promotion of diversity, and gender equality. These principles extend to career development and recognition. Together, they create an exciting, dynamic environment that empowers each employee to perform to the best of their abilities.

For the first time, our company met all the requirements and received Certificate of International “Investors in People” Standard in 2004, the Silver one in 2011 and 2014, and the Gold one in 2018. With the Gold Certificate, Azercell proved once again at the international level that it manages its employees at a high level achieving high performance.