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New Smartphone campaign from Azercell! Buy new Huawei Y520 smartphone and get a free Internet of 5GB every month during 6 months

calendar 30.11.2014

On the eve of the Novruz holiday, Azercell starts very beneficial campaign for its entire family of 4.5 subscribers. Starting from March 17, all Azercell subscribers can benefit from a free Internet campaign. In the framework of campaign, any person, including new, existing and Azercell MP based SimSim subscribers will get a free Internet in the amount of 5GB for 6 subsequent months as they load each time their balance after they buy a Huawei Y520 mobile phone in Azercell dealer stores and Azercell Express offices. To join this campaign, a subscriber should send SMS to 8838. Subscribers can join the campaign in Azercell Express and Azercell dealer stores. Since the joining to the campaign, the system will survey all balance loading operations during 6 months.


Upon refill of 3 AZN payment card subscriber gets 500 MB
Upon refill of 5 AZN gets 1GB

Upon refill of 10 AZN and more gets 5GB of mobile internet. 


The deadline of using internet package will be 30 days. Once the internet amount will complete before 30 days, the Internet speed will go down to 128 kb/s until the expiry of 30 days and the traffic will be free. Phone numbers providing a free Internet can use also 1 Hour, 3 Hours, Weekend, Daytime (500MB) and Nighttime packages. It should be also noted that it is possible to join the campaign only 1 time per each number.


It should be also mentioned that currently, one of each two subscribers of Azercell is an active internet user and uses a Mobile internet two times more in comparison with previous years. For the time being, Azercell provides fast internet access not only for phones, but also for various devices. The Company was first not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the entire region to offer for the first time the commercial use of 4G technology for its customers.


Azercell will continue to create new products and campaigns for beneficial and comfortable use of mobile internet by its subscribers.




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