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Face-to-face Customer Service

Face-to-face Customer Service

About Training: 

Each of us is art of the customer service sphere every day. High-quality customer service is one of the most important factors for any company. Learn the essentials of face-to-face customer service from the masters in the field. Apply for the face-to-face customer service training provided by Azercell Academy.

Most participants attending this course are in customer facing or customer support roles who want to develop their face-to-face customer service skills and behaviors.


  • Ideal Service Concept 
  • Changing complaints into opportunities and handling them 
  • Corporate and representatives’ approach towards the customer 
  • How to handle rude and insulting customers
  • Personal aspect of service
  • Customer interactions strategies 
  • Stages of work with customers
  • Sales
  • Formula of successful contact 
  • Diagnostics of customer needs 
  • Presentation of a proposal to the customer  
  • Clarification of customer’s attitude to the proposal. 
  • Working on customer objections 
  • Working on customer complaints. 
  • Difficult situations in working with customers 
  • Formulation of customer service standards
About Azercell Academy

Azercell Academy has come a long way since its inception in 2003

The first Azercell Academy programs were designed only for Azercell’s employees. Their massive success created a demand for similar training across Azerbaijan’s corporate retail, insurance, banking, public service and other sectors. We answered that call with a comprehensive syllabus and expanded facilities.