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Complaint handling

Any complaints?

If you are not satisfied with our services please apply to us!
Your satisfaction is utterly important to us.
We see your complaints as an opportunity to improve our services.

Сomplaint handling policy of Azercell

Azercell considers customer complaints as an opportunity for improvement: the company prioritizes privacy, honesty, impartiality, fair investigation, immediate decision-making, quality customer service principles; directs subscribers with accurate and detailed explanations, records all complaints for the purpose of analysis and comparison, as well as preparation of statistical reports, and aims at enhancing customer satisfaction by responding to complaints promptly. Relevant processes of complaint handling comply with the normative acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

You can share your complaints or requests with us:

  • By calling Call Center (Corporate subscribers can apply to our Corporate Call Center);
  • By applying to Azercell Exclusive shops;
  • By sending e-mails to our email addresses or;
  • By contacting us directly through Online Chat on our website or "Azercell" app;
  • By posting your request to us (149, Tbilisi ave, AZ1122, Baku).

We aim at handling your complaint immediately on receipt. If we are not able to handle your complaint immediately for any reason, your request will be registered (for further investigation and handling) in special programme and respective information will be delivered to you by our representative. For getting information on how the investigation process is going on you can either apply or call to above mentioned addresses/numbers.

You can apply to us with your feedbacks either in written or verbal form as you wish.

Depending on the main idea and type of your request, in order to commence the investigation you will be requested by our representative to provide some information (or if you apply in written form you are kindly asked to indicate the following in the letter): full name of a subscriber/requester, the number, the contact number (if any) or e-mail address, the address to which the written reply is to be sent and the body of the letter (any further information might be requested depending on the type of complaint).

The investigation and solution of received complaints:

When the investigation of complaint is started you will be informed about it via the phone call (or several calls regarding the investigation of complaint) or via a short message to your number (except for situations when the number is out of network, etc.). Each complaint is primarily investigated by us in relevant electronic databases and on due information is provided to subscriber in accordance with the investigation result. If the result of the primary investigation is considered unsatisfactory by us, more extended investigation is applied (when necessary, partners and suppliers as well as other employees and sources are also involved in investigating and handling of complaints).

Each request is accepted and the source as well as solution options are determined by means of a preliminary investigation carried out on our side within 5 working days. If more than 5 working days are required for further investigation, a subscriber is contacted or sent an SMS (in exceptional cases a subscriber may not be contacted - if a subscriber does not answer a call, if he/she has rejected to get a response, etc.). Once the cases mentioned in the request are resolved, a subscriber is informed by contacting over the phone (or the phone number he/she has previously presented) or sent an SMS (in exceptional cases a subscriber may not be contacted - if a subscriber does not answer a call, if he/she has rejected to get a response, etc.).

If not satisfied with solution of complaint:

The disputes between the parties are being resolved based on mutual consent. In case of not reaching the mutual agreement, all disputes and contradictions shall be resolved through the court in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.