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Azercell Occupational Health and Safety Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to make the Azercell health and safety culture part of all employees’ everyday working life and to archieve a safe and legally compliant workplace for employees, vendors and visitors. This commitment is demonstrated through the commitments and actions of Azercell, our employees and our local suppliers. Each of us must be aware of the safety standards and enforce them in the workplace. This icludes completing provided training, reviewing communcations and posted guidelines and ensuring that these standards are implemented without exception.

Azercell will set basic rules and development targets to drive regular improvement of occupational health and safety in the company. Our goal is to minimize the likelihood and magnitude of accidents, work related illness and other safety issues.

Azercell’s target areas are sickness absence rate, lost time injury frequency and fatalities. Our focus is on reducing the impact of the following risks among others:

  • working environment: electrical devices & static electricity, low and high voltage, being crused between objects, being lifted or falling from height;
  • slippery surfaces, welding and “hot work” and accidents when travelling;
  • objects and materials: dropping and falling objects, lifting heavy equipment and being slashed or cut;
  • temperature and ventilation ( e.g. working outdoors);
  • radiation ( e.g. electromagnetic fields and lasers);
  • personal actions: unsafe actions and risk taking ( e.g. not using  safety belts or helmets or other safety equipment);
  • psychosocial and ergonomic issues.

Main principle

We want to protect and improve the health and safety of everyone who works for or with Azercell; this is a guiding principle in all our Operations. Accidents, incidents, injuries, work-related illnesses and unsafe acts and conditions are preventable and unnecessary.

Azercell aims to provide and regularly improve a safe and healthy workplace by making sure our work environment and processes are safe; by, preventing and reacting to conditions of ill-health; and by supporting measures to promote health and wellbeing.

This policy provides a framework for leading and managing our work within health and safety. By communicating this OHS Policy to all employees and by continuously monitoring its implementation, we strive to meet its standards by improving and developing any identified issues and making them sustainable.

A healthy and safe work environment is the responsibility of everybody.