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Summer Internship Program

calendar 16.09.2013

İnternship program for local university graduates in Azercell  is successfully completed!

The internship program in Azercell gives an opportunity to university graduates to apply their theoretical knowledge in real work conditions, acquire substantial knowledge in telecommunication sphere as well as participate in interesting and serious projects and build up a future career.  

This year, on the basis of results of assessment stages, 8 students of various higher schools have been given a chance to participate in Azercell Internship program and a certain amount of salary has been allocated to them. The internship was held in the departments such as: ICT, Customer Care, VAS and HR. The interns took part in the following large projects: Redesign of Internet Package, VCC (Virtual Customer Care), ADC (Advanced Device Configuration).

In the final stage of the Summer Internship Program interns met with the president of the company Chiril Gaburici. In this meeting students shared the knowledge obtained during the program and their impressions of working in Azercell.  

According to the results of Summer Internship 2013, the term of the contract with 2 interns has been prolonged for another month and one of the interns will be hired on a part-time job in Azercell.