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Build your language skills with Azercell!

calendar 07.02.2020

"Azercell Telecom" LLC presents the worldwide known “Busuu” application on affordable terms

Aiming to make multiple opportunities introduced by cutting-edge technologies accessible for its subscribers, Azercell Telecom is once again enriching its digital product portfolio by offering Busuu” application - the best solution to learn foreign languages and improve language skills.

“Busuu” is one of the 10 best applications in the world to learn foreign languages and currently has more than 90 million users. There are 12 language courses offered: English, Russian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic and Polish. “Busuu” is a virtual teacher, which provides an opportunity to learn all these languages at the same time, improve grammar, writing, listening and speaking skills via special exercises, make new friends and interact with native speakers from around the world through “Busuu” social network and earn an international McGraw-Hill certificate. The another advantage of the service is that the level of language proficiency of each student is examined just after the registration, and the students are assigned to the appropriate study group.

Supporting iOS and Android operating systems “Busuu” can be downloaded from App Store or Play Store, for 0.20 AZN for daily package or 3 AZN for monthly package, accordingly. In order to subscribe to the service, it is necessary to dial *696#YES for daily and *969#YES for monthly subscription on your smartphone.

Now “Busuu” is more accessible with Azercell! Save your time and build your language skills with “Busuu”!

For more information about the service, please, head to:

For more information, please contact