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Running till the northern border with the slogan “Life without cigarettes” Azercell continues its social projects

calendar 28.07.2015

Having conducted numerous social projects from the beginning of its operation, Azercell Telecom LLC continues its activities in this regard. “Life is more beautiful without cigarettes” – social project launched by the company a year ago continues to support healthy lifestyle. 2 young fellows named Adil Mammadli and Rufat Najafov ran up to the northern border of the country on July 24-27 under the slogan of the project. The fellows took the route of Baku-Shabran-Guba-Gusar-Samur customs checkpoint to urge all people to stay away from smoking which results in death of the thousands all over the world every year. As a telecommunication supporter of this initiative Azercell helped the fellows to get in touch with relatives and friends, as well as provided them with GPS and other mobile internet services.

Azercell Telecom conducted a social project with the same name last year among its employees. During the campaign, each employee was presented with a gift sticker and stress-ball, reminding that smoking is a bad habit. Employees of the company, which operates under the slogan “Life is more beautiful with Azercell” spent one day under the slogan "Life is more beautiful without cigarettes".  Employees who joined this initiative, have also urged through social media their colleagues and friends to join the campaign and stop smoking. Participants of the campaign used hash tag #Siqaretsiz in their posts on social networks.  

As a leading Azerbaijani company with a great focus on corporate social responsibility Azercell will continue to conduct environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle promoting projects.

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Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996 and since the first years sustains a leading position on the market. Azercell introduced number of technological innovations in Azerbaijan: GSM technology, advance payment mobile services, GPRS/EDGE, 24/7 Customer Care, full-time operating Azercell Express offices, mobile e-service “ASAN imza” (ASAN signature) and others. With 51% share of Azerbaijan’s mobile market Azercell’s network covers 99,8% of the country’s population. Currently, the number of Azercell’s subscribers reached 4,6 million people. In 2011 Azercell deployed 3G and in 2012 the fourth generation network – LTE in Azerbaijan. The Company is the leader of Azerbaijan’s mobile communication industry and the biggest investor in the non-oil sector. Azercell is a part of TeliaSonera Group of Companies serving 186 million subscribers in 17 countries worldwide with 27,000 employees