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"Life is more beautiful without cigarettes" All company employees are being united under the new social initiative

calendar 30.11.2013

Many countries around the world celebrate November, 20 as the World Non Smoking Day. On that very day, Azercell Telecom - the leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan held a special campaign among its employees under the motto "Life is more beautiful without cigarettes". During the campaign, each employee was presented with a gift sticker and stress-ball, which reminded that smoking is a bad habit. Employees of the company, which operates under the slogan “Life is more beautiful with Azercell” spent one day under the slogan "Life is more beautiful without cigarettes".  Employees who joined this initiative through have also urged through social media their colleagues and friends to join the campaign and stop smoking. Participants of the campaign used hash tag #Siqaretsiz in their posts on social networks.


It worth noting that smoking has multiple harms for human life. Tobacco addiction causes serious damage to health, as well as to smoker’s budget. Annually 5 million people die worldwide from diseases caused by smoking. On the other hand, smokers also damage the health of people around them. Statistics says annually 600,000 die from passive smoking, and most of them are children. As one of the leading companies in the field of corporate social responsibility in Azerbaijan, Azercell Telecom, constantly carries out projects that benefit the environment and human health. Azercell also tries to ensure the effective use of energy resources and the reduction of carbon emissions. The company is implementing an internal policy of "Green Office". Azercell has also urged its subscribers to join this initiative and is encouraging them to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Thanks to the technical solutions of Azercell, subscribers are able to live environmentally friendly and reduce the level of carbon emissions. Azercell has developed unique electronic devices for different teams in order to raise awareness among the public about issues such as global warming and carbon emissions.

Thus, Azercell Telecom is the first company in the country, which continues to help people live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Azercell Telecom, also actively promotes a healthy lifestyle and has frequently initiated sporting events, sponsored various sports teams, as well as launched similar competitions for children.

Conducted among employees of Azercell this campaign under the slogan "Life is more beautiful without cigarettes" held among Azercell employees turned into another social project of the Company that has a great chance to expand in a wider scale.

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Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996 and since the first years sustains a leading position on the market. Azercell introduced number of technological innovations in Azerbaijan: GSM technology, GPRS/EDGE, 24/7 Customer Care, full-time operating Azercell Express offices, mobile e-service “ASAN imza” (ASAN signature) and others. With 51% share of Azerbaijan’s mobile market Azercell’s network covers 99,8% of the country’s population. By the end of 2013 the number of Azercell’s subscribers reached 4,5 million people. In 2011 Azercell deployed 3G and in 2012 the fourth generation network – LTE in Azerbaijan. The Company is the leader of Azerbaijan’s mobile communication industry and the biggest investor in the non-oil sector.