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The "Create the Future with Your Own Hands" project in women's shelter

The "Create the Future with Your Own Hands" project in women's shelter

The trainings organized by Azercell for vulnerable women's groups continue


Azercell and the "Reliable Future" Public Union organized the next training session within the "Create the Future with Your Own Hands" project framework. The training was held in the "Clean World" Aid to Women Public Union shelter for women and young girls. During the program, the professionals from Azercell Academy offered information to participants about the "soft skills" - internal motivation, communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence. The residents of the women's shelter received advice from specialists on their goals, career, and education plans.

The main objective of the training was the reintegration of shelter residents into society, encouraging them to re-enter the workforce, and increasing opportunities for career development.

Women were also provided with information about the "Women's Helpline Service" and were encouraged to utilize this service.

The main purpose of the "Women's Helpline Service," created with the initiative and support of Azercell, is the promotion of effective psychological, emotional, and social support, the rehabilitatation of victims of violence, and the facilitation of their reintegration into society. For this purpose, they are referred to legal clinics, rehabilitation centers, shelters, and NGOs providing legal consultancy.

"Women's Helpline Service", which operates 24 hours a day, can be contacted by dialing the short number 116111, as well as through Facebook and Instagram social networks, and the live chat on the Public Union's website.

Video material about the training held in the women's shelter