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Jubilee month full of gifts from Azercell!

calendar 18.12.2021

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the mobile operator thanks its subscribers

Azercell Telecom LLC, which celebrated the 25th anniversary of its foundation on December 15th, has always strived to provide its subscribers with quality communication, high-speed Internet, and technological innovations. Leaving behind a quarter of a century, the mobile operator celebrates this remarkable date along with its 5 million subscribers.

Azercell team is grateful to all its subscribers who have chosen and trusted it throughout these years and as an expression of its gratitude, announces a jubilee month full of gifts.

During the jubilee month from December 15th to January 15th, all Azercell subscribers will be invited through the official pages of the company on social media and other channels to take part in different entertaining activities. Thus, millions of subscribers will not only have fun but also get valuable prizes from Azercell.

Azercell, which was the pioneering mobile operator to introduce a number of innovations in Azerbaijan, including GSM technology, 4G technology, to test 5G pilot network, to establish 24/7 Call Center and many more, has strengthened its leading position in the country's mobile communication market for 25 years of activity. It was Azercell that established the first base station on the Karabakh lands liberated from occupation as a result of the Glorious Patriotic War and established the first connection from these territories.

Azercell, which is expanding its network throughout the country, enters a completely different digital age with its purpose of "Easing Connectivity, Empowering Lives" and slogan "Future`s close to you"/ "Sənə yaxın gələcək". The new communication concept is based on the stories of the everyday life of one Azerbaijani family and shows that modern digital services are more accessible and closer to customers. It is innovative digital solutions that will make an even greater contribution to improving people's quality of life and increasing security.

We invite everyone to follow the Company's official pages on social media to join Azercell's jubilee month and win valuable prizes:







Azercell - Future`s close to you!