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Azercell greets the first subscribers of Mobile Number Portability service

calendar 30.11.2013

The Mobile Number Portability service was launched in Azerbaijan on February, 1. This long awaited process provides subscribers an opportunity to move to another mobile operator without changing the phone number. Using this service a subscriber can retain his number and benefit from more favorable offers of other service provider.

The primary goal of the Mobile Number Portability service is to elevate the competitive ability of telecoms market, as well as stimulation of higher quality services by the operators for their subscribers. The new system would also serve for effective use of number resources and better protection of consumer rights.

Azercell Telecom is the first company starting the process of Mobile Number Portability system in more than 200 customer service points across Baku and regions. As of February 1st Azercell opened its doors to everyone willing to port their numbers keeping the existing ones. At the moment over a hundreds of applications from subscribers of other mobile operators are being proceeded and ready for porting into Azercell’s network.  

Today Azercell Telecom has hosted a special meeting for the first users of the Mobile Number Portability who moved to Azercell’s network. New members joining Azercell family Sabir Osmanov, Said Bayramov, Rovshan Eyyubov, Tural Akhmedov, Abdulla Jafarly and Farid Amirov had a very warm discussion with the management and other representatives of the Company sharing their impressions on this service and their first customer experience at Azercell network.  

The newly joined to Azercell family of many millions subscribers highlighted the reasons for moving to its network and expained the benefitial features of their choice. Farid Amirov said he has always been attracted by the better quality and reliable network of Azercell: “I use my number for many years and changing this number would mean loosing my connections. Now, thanks to this new system, I will enjoy high-quality services of Azercell and keep using my own number”.

Other MNP user Rovshan Eyyubov has noted about Azercell’s top professional customer service in our country: “Up until now I had to spend a lot of time to clarify even a simple issue and waited long to get an answer over phone inquiries. I had to wait long queues if I visited the customer service centers. However, thanks to the online customer service applied by Azercell, I can handle the problems related to customer service right away”.

Abdulla Jafarly decided to move to Azercell because of fast and more favorable data packs. Other meeting attendees also spoke of Azercell’s innovative services, 4G network, comfortable roaming offers, uninterrupted connection and other advantages.

Azercell Telecom, in its turn, expressed its appreciation and congratulations to the new subscribers for joining its family of 4,5 million people. The Company representatives promised to keep up on providing high-quality service and professional approach and presented subscribers with special certificates and valuable gifts, in order to meet expectations of fastly growing subscriber base.

We would like to remind that the leading mobile operator of Azerbaijan Azercell Telecom has over 200 customer service points all over the country accepting applications for mobile number portability service and providing extensive information about it. Currently, the network contains of 148 Azercell Express, 10 Front offices and 156 dealers shops. Azercell offers subscribers the top quality service and invites everyone to join its network!