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Azercell congratulates media representatives with National Press and Journalism Day

calendar 22.07.2021

5GB gift to the Mediacell subscribers from the leading mobile operator

Founded on July 22, 1875, with publishing of the "Akinchi" (“Əkinçi”) newspaper by Hasan bey Zardabi in his native language, the Azerbaijani press celebrates its 146th anniversary today. In the era of modern globalization, development of the information and communication technologies, existence of free and independent media has a significant impact on the society.

Last year, at a fateful time for Azerbaijan, contribution of the media representatives who witnessed a birth of new history was invaluable. They tirelessly conveyed the truth to the public during the 44-day Second Karabakh War and brought us news of victory.

The leading mobile operator of the country “Azercell Telecom” LLC has traditionally prepared a special gift timed to the professional holiday of media representatives. Thus, Mediacell tariff users can get 5GB internet pack as a gift from Azercell by texting 1875 to 2723 from July, 22 to July, 23. (Details:

It should be noted that on the occasion of National Press and Journalism Day, Azercell representatives met with the families of Maharram Ibrahimov and Siraj Abishov, who became martyrs in the liberated territories while carrying out their duties and commemorated them with deep sorrow.

“Azercell Telecom” LLC highly appreciates the work of the Azerbaijani national press and always focuses on its activities!