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Novruz presents of Azercell

calendar 30.11.2012

Along with several other campaigns, the company launched special bonus campaign for Garabagh war veterans

Azercell held a presentation ceremony launching its Novruz holiday offers on March 12. The new campaigns named “Bahar” (Spring), “Unlimited Internet” and “Special campaign for the people who fought for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan” have very favorable conditions for different subscriber groups.

“Bahar” campaign is a Novruz present of Azercell that offers subscribers a chance to purchase certain models of Samsung phones paying an initial fee of 1 AZN and monthly payments of 22, 50, 55 and 60 AZN. Subscribers will subsequently get up to 200 free call minutes, 200 SMS and 2GB of data for the period of 18 months. The campaign is valid for Samsung N7100 (Note II), i9300 (S3), i9100 (S2) and s5830 ACE handsets.
“Unlimited Internet” campaign offers subscribers free 3GMAX modem and 4GB of Mobile Internet (for each pay period) for just 9 AZN during 10 pay periods. Upon usage of the campaign package the speed of internet will be 128 kb/sec and internet connection will not be terminated. The campaign is also open for the corporate customers with 20% discount from the regular price.
“Special campaign for the people who fought for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan” will last for a year. The campaign will allow to double topped up amount on Garabagh war veterans numbers. The bonuses can be used during 30 days for on-net calls, SMS and MMS and are not transferrable to the next month. In order to join the campaign a subscriber should present national ID and war veteran ID to Azercell customer service centers.
The presentation ceremony was completed with the information on the resumed operation of Azercell’s two major social projects – Mobile Dental Clinic and Mobile Eye Clinic.
Azercell has also presented its renewed web site, which is more user-friendly.

Azercell Telecom congratulates people of Azerbaijan with Novruz holiday and wishes everyone well-being and prosperity in the coming year.

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Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996 and since the first years sustains a leading position on the market. Azercell introduced number of technological innovations in Azerbaijan: GSM technology, GPRS/EDGE, 24/7 Customer Care, full-time operating Azercell Express offices and others. With 53% share of Azerbaijan’s mobile market Azercell’s network covers 99,8% of the country’s population. By the end of 2012 the number of Azercell’s subscribers reached 4,4 million people. In 2011 Azercell deployed 3G and in 2012 4G networks in Azerbaijan.