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Azercell presents Augmented Reality at BakuTel-2014 Meet the latest technological innovations at the stand of Azercell!

calendar 30.11.2013

Azercell Telecom invites all those who are interested in technological innovations to visit BakuTel International Telecommunication Exhibition to be held at Baku Expo Center during the 2nd-5th of December, 2014. As during all these years, the visitors of BakuTel exhibition in 2014 are looking forward to see at the stand of country’s leading mobile operator Azercell technological innovations, alternative products that facilitate and diversify daily activities via mobile devices and, of course, interesting entertainment program full of surprises. This is due to the fact that from year to year Azercell’s stand at BakuTel exhibition  was notable with its new products and latest technological discoveries on country scale. This year the Company is also planning to surprise and entertain BakuTel guests   with the latest world trends in the sphere of information technologies.


Thus, visitors will enjoy presentation of several innovations in the new technologies booth of Azercell. The innovative technological solutions include, but not limited to Mobile Health, Parental Control System, Security System presented by Barama Innovation Center and 2nd generation of Google Glass.


In addition, for the first time Azercell will present innovative technology known as Augmented Reality technology at the BakuTel 2014 exhibition. As you approach any device, whether it is a phone or a tablet, with specially downloaded software to a poster with an image of Azercell employee, the image comes to  life and informs you of the innovations presented to the visitors. Using this service Azercell opens up an opportunity for its subscribers to watch commercial posters not only in a traditional two-dimensional format, but also in a video format. Soon, Azercell plans to present most of its advertisements in Augmented Reality. We would like to note that during the exhibition many visitors would be able to try a range of other exciting applications using mobile devices.

Being an automated system of the leading technologies M2M (Machine to Machine) provides an opportunity to perform many functions for comfortable and exciting lifestyle. Mobile Health System presented to the visitors by Azercell’s virtual employee enables to analyze the patient's health-related information and looks into the cause of the symptoms in a dialogue mode. Upon the request, the data will be sent to the central database and delivered to the patient’s doctor.

Parental Control system is a tool for parents to control their underage children and connect to them upon necessity. Specially designed children-friendly small phones with pre-programmed numbers help kids to connect easily with their parents. Internet-based interface will help parents to locate their kids, to track their commute from/to school or kindergarten. The use of these child phones can be automatically limited to avoid destruction of child’s attention during classes. The service also offers number of other unique control and security features. The visitor can learn more about these features upon their visits to Azercell’s stand.

By exploring Google Glass presented this year as well by Azercell, users will be able to make their search using voice commands, as well as download images or video and share with friends.

In addition, Home Security System Sumax presented by Azercell’s Barama Innovation Center will help to control daily household processes using mobile phones. For example, if gas or water leakage, short circuits, failure or unauthorized launch or control of electrical devices happens while the user is not at home, then the system automatically sends SMS notification to the user’s cell phone.


All of the abovementioned solutions provide an opportunity for the users to plan their daily activities more efficiently and benefit from use of handheld devices.

TeliaSonera vice-president and TeliaSonera Eurasia president Eric Hallberg has noted that TeliaSonera and Turkcell will continue their investments in Azerbaijan.





Moreover, visitors will be entertained by the Mirror-family and  DJ ReacTable during the all exhibition. Those willing to get valuable prizes will be able to join different competitions and interactive games held during the day.


Azercell welcomes  everyone on company’s  stand at BakuTel exhibition!


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Azercell Telecom LLC was founded in 1996 and since the first years sustains a leading position on the market. Azercell introduced number of technological innovations in Azerbaijan: GSM technology, GPRS/EDGE, 24/7 Customer Care, full-time operating Azercell Express offices, mobile e-service “ASAN imza” (ASAN signature) and others. With 51% share of Azerbaijan’s mobile market Azercell’s network covers 99,8% of the country’s population. At the present the number of Azercell’s subscribers reached 4,6 million people. In 2011 Azercell deployed 3G and in 2012 the fourth generation network – LTE in Azerbaijan. The Company is the leader of Azerbaijan’s mobile communication industry and the biggest investor in the non-oil sector. Azercell is the part of the TeliaSonera Group of Companies, which has subsidiaries in 17 countries with total number of 186 million subscribers and 27 thousand employees.