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To attention of Azercell subscribers

calendar 16.07.2019

From 16.08.2019 tariffs will be applied to “Gecə”Internet package of "Azercell Telecom" LLC for 2 AZN (VAT inclusive) tariffs for existing numbers of Prepaid(SimSim) and Postpaid subscribers.

From 16.08.2019 will be abolished the “ay -” key, which used to stop subscribing to various internet packages used by for existing numbers of Prepaid(SimSim) and Postpaid subscribers.(except for corporate subscribers) . Subscribers must send “stop ay” immediately to unsubscribe from internet packages (in this case subscription to the package will be automatically renewed, as well as the remainder of the Internet traffic will be immediately canceled) to short number 2525. Subscribers have the ability to control the balance of their numbers in a transparent manner, through various services. To find the balance of Internet traffic, you need to send SMS to 2525 (either by writing BALANS) or dialing * 100 # YES on the phone screen.

Note: Subscribers can get detailed information about the changes mentioned, the order of mobile internet packages, replacement and refusal, as well as the services, tariffs and campaigns provided by Azercell Telecom from our official website ( as well as access to Customer Service (offices, 24/7 Call Center).