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To attention of Azercell subscribers

calendar 13.07.2019

Starting from 13.08.2019, "Azercell Telecom" LLC  will apply 60-second interval for post-paid tariffs “Hər Yerə”, “Socar”, “Dövlətcell”, “Hədsiz” , “Hədsiz Zəng”, “Hədsiz Internet”, “Biznes 200”,  “Standart”, “Bizimkilər” and pre-paid tariffs “Hər Yerə” ,“Bizimkilər”.

Note: Subscribers can obtain detailed information about the changes, tariffs, order and replacement of tariff packages, including services, tariffs and campaigns provided by Azercell Telecom LLC on our official website ( Customer Service (Offices are available 24 hours a day, 24/7).