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For the attention of Azercell subscribers

calendar 12.02.2024

For the attention of Azercell subscribers

We would like to inform that some of our subscribers have recently had to deal with fraudulent offers and sales of numbers on behalf of Azercell Telecom LLC. Besides, the scammers contact the subscribers on behalf of our company, asking for ID card details and making payment for the fake number.  

The investigation carried out by Azercell based on the appeals from our customers testify that neither Azercell nor the company's official dealers involved in selling mobile numbers have carried out the operations regarding the registration of the fraudulently sent number in the subscriber's name. Considering the fact that such undesirable situations have no relation to Azercell Telecom, it is recommended that the victims of such scams immediately contact the law enforcement agencies. Besides, our company initiates a number of measures to raise public awareness by periodically distributing SMS notifications to subscribers, as well as posting relevant information on Azercell's official website and social pages.

Azercell urges its subscribers to follow the basic safety recommendations to prevent possible fraud and scam during the purchase of Azercell numbers:

- Beware of the calls made by unknown people offering a cell number or requesting personal information;

- Avoid making any payment based on unknown calls or SMS;

- Do not share ID card information with untrusted sources;

- Also, avoid using malicious websites and stay off various games, contests, etc offered therein;

- Never click on suspicious links in incoming SMS, Whatsapp messages.

Use only Azercell’s official sources while purchasing and activating new number:

Company's official website;

  • Visit addresses and contact numbers of Azercell Exclusive stores, as well as the official dealer network.

In order to check the validity of the number offers sent by Azercell's official dealers, subscribers may click on the above link.

For any questions, please contact official contacts of Azercell listed below:

Online Customer Services;

  • Azercell's official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages;

Azercell Call Center:

- For Postpaid subscribers: landline number +994(012) 4905252 or short number 6565

- For Prepaid (SimSim) Subscribers: landline number +994(012) 4904949 or short number 2002