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Stress management

Stress management

About Training: 

The “Stress Management” course is aimed at everyone from administrative employees to general managers who want to deal with stress in a more efficient and productive way.

We face stress everywhere, at work and in private life. How do you minimize its adverse effects on your strength, health and ability to function? How do you project confidence when stressed? If you and your employees do not have the answers to these questions, you need our stress management training. You will learn how to control your emotions and deal with stressful situations correctly with our help.


  • Definition of stress 
  • Primitive and modern stress 
  • Reaction to stress 
  • Features and consequences of stress 
  • Basics of physiological self-regulation 
  • Emotional and intellectual self-regulation
About Azercell Academy

Azercell Academy has come a long way since its inception in 2003

The first Azercell Academy programs were designed only for Azercell’s employees. Their massive success created a demand for similar training across Azerbaijan’s corporate retail, insurance, banking, public service and other sectors. We answered that call with a comprehensive syllabus and expanded facilities.