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Presentation skills

Presentation skills

About Training: 

Good presentation skills are an asset, no matter your age or field of expertise. Audience response and interaction during a presentation is greatly influenced by the skill of the presenter. So how do you prepare for a presentation? How do you captivate the audience? This training course is perfect for those with experience with presenting and who want to improve their communication delivery style and the impact of their presentations. It is suitable for executives who need to deliver presentations internally to their teams or externally to clients. This course teaches preparation tips as well as how to deliver different presentations.


  • Definition and formation of presentation components 
  • Formation of the preparation structure of presentation   
  • Video shooting for short presentations 
  • Non-verbal communication methods 
  • Video recording analysis  
  • Auditorium and creation of communication 
  • Difficult participants. Working mechanism with such participants
About Azercell Academy

Azercell Academy has come a long way since its inception in 2003

The first Azercell Academy programs were designed only for Azercell’s employees. Their massive success created a demand for similar training across Azerbaijan’s corporate retail, insurance, banking, public service and other sectors. We answered that call with a comprehensive syllabus and expanded facilities.