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Project management

Project management

About Training: 

This program is suitable for individuals seeking to enter the field of project management or for current project managers who desire training on project management skills and techniques.

This course covers skills, tools, techniques, and economic principles that transcend various company structures, environments, and project management philosophies. It is about essential ‘hands-on’ tools and techniques needed by contemporary project managers. The focus of this workshop is on the practitioners rather than the academic view of project management. It includes tricks, tips, soft skills and ‘guerilla warfare’ tactics. The course also covers the economics of project management in particular and strategic business decision-making in general.


  • What is Project Management and do you really need ıt?
  • The art of estimation 
  • The science of estimation
  • Are we supposed to negotiate on projects?
  • How and why do we write project charters?
  • How to define project scope
  • Why manage scope and customer expectations?
  • How to control projects? Risk, communications, tracking and other considerations.
  • Why bother with lessons learned?
About Azercell Academy

Azercell Academy has come a long way since its inception in 2003

The first Azercell Academy programs were designed only for Azercell’s employees. Their massive success created a demand for similar training across Azerbaijan’s corporate retail, insurance, banking, public service and other sectors. We answered that call with a comprehensive syllabus and expanded facilities.